As Good As Dead: TikTok made me buy it! The brand new and final book in the bestselling YA thriller trilogy (A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, Book 3)

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As Good As Dead: TikTok made me buy it! The brand new and final book in the bestselling YA thriller trilogy (A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, Book 3)

As Good As Dead: TikTok made me buy it! The brand new and final book in the bestselling YA thriller trilogy (A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, Book 3)

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I know a few reviewers have questioned whether it is right that Pip frames Max Hastings for the murder of Jason Bell who is actually the DT killer. I probably repeated myself a bunch of times, but as stated before this is a rant 😂 sorry 🙈 To sum up, this was partly a huge disappointment and a terrible way to close off such a great series IMO.

Not to mention how much she throws morals out the window despite being such a principled character for the entire rest of the series.Honestly it didn’t really made sense because at the end he lost all of his morals for pip, but I mean, he loves her. It seems to me like this might be a copy cat killer or someone that is using the MO of the DT killer because they know that Pip will look into it and know what is lying in wait for her. Ellis Frazier certainly had many rookie mistakes in this film, but still managed to assemble an entertaining viewing. given that her last few cases had a good motive for all the terrible things that each character did, it made pip very conflicted and i understood her. Pip wakes up in the boot of his car and she knows her chances of survival have dropped to less than 1% but when he comes to remove her from the boot she looks up at Jason Bell not Daniel Da Silva and suddenly everything makes sense but there is nothing she can do now but pray that someone else namely Ravi joins the dots together himself before Jason kills her.

So many times in books, the protagonists go through incredibly horrific things and just seem to get over it. So if you are looking for a Young Adult crime thriller, read which has a knotty plotline and a twisted mystery to solve, and which has well-developed characters for whom you can fall in love. And, seriously, even if she did not seek help (medical or personal) she was crying out in need of it! Okay, so maybe it wasn’t entirely implausible (or maybe I’m just too naïve and clueless of how the world works and think too highly of humanity).I miss the Pip I knew and loved from books 1 and 2, but I didn’t ABSOLUTELY hate the direction this book went. she claims she is trying to save him from herself but she is just being a total and utterly horrible narcissist. he’s everything that is wrong in this world, thinking women need to listen to men and believing we should not speak up, which absolutely infuriates me. In the book the killer sends Pip cryptic messages asking her “whose gonna look for you when you disappear” and this girl literally counts everyone in her life (Ravi, Connor, Jamie, Nat, Becca , her mom and dad) and is like “i mean i guess they would look for me 👉👈 but would Ravi?

While i liked the series overall, this is definitely my least favorite in the series and, again… it just felt like a complete 180. If the other two books in this series didn't exist, I'm sure I would have enjoyed this and found very little cause for complaint. I was also completely on edge reading the scenes where he was near, such as the later stick figure scenes, Pip’s speakers sounding in the middle of the night and the printer going off as well. The opening to As Good As Dead was interesting as we learn that Pip hasn’t been dealing well with Stanley’s death and is suffered from PTSD over the incident but this only the beginning. I don’t read this genre much, and since I haven’t read the first two books I went ahead and read the spoilers.I love seeing how much Pippa had grown; from the good girl we used to see, to this morally grey character that we least expected. So, Ravi only wanting to be there for Pip because the author made him believe that she was the only thing he has left, agrees to help her hide and frame what she did 😃. Why would he assist her in becoming just like Elliott Ward, the man who murdered his brother and disgraced his name? But that means it made me feel and thats for me the most important thing in a book that it makes me feel and that was what As good as dead delivered.

This book has nuclear meltdowns, knotty plannings, creepy scenarios, unconditional love, and incredible friendship goals. in the beginning, i found it to be childish how he started a fight with max given that he was a grown ass adult and max was still growing. And her kind, protective parents not bothering to ask or be curious about her strange behaviours or the BIG CUT/SCAB ON HER FACE just makes no sense whatsoever! He hated confrontation, hated it, and even so, Pip knew he would go to war for her if she ever asked. As we cross into the second half of the novel, knowing the identity of the serial killer now kidnapper at the halfway mark makes me wonder what is going to come in the second half but I can’t wait to find out.

Yes, the whole point is that she no longer trusts the justice system due to Max Hastings and Billy Karras and Sal Singh yada yada yada but still.

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