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Freshly cut logs are filled with moisture, which can make them very difficult to burn. Even when properly done, a Swedish Fire Log made using wet wood is going to be a nonstarter, so look for as dry of wood as possible. Insert kindling in the center of the log. Don’t overstuff or put kindling towards the outside of the log, as this will restrict airflow. A nice small bunch in the middle is all you need. The embers from this small fire on top of the log should fall down inside and catch the other pieces of kindling. After a short period of time, the log itself will catch fire andthe fire will continue. The Flamefast Firelog is a safe, easy and eco-friendly way to enjoy a cosy night indoors. If you’re looking for a no-hassle fireplace fire-building experience with consistent performance, the Flamefast Firelog is the perfect choice. A splitter axe is designed for turning big logs into little logs. Perfect for splitting a single whole log into more manageable pieces.

Pack of Three Firelogs | Center Parcs Pack of Three Firelogs | Center Parcs

The Goodwood Firebags are an attractive yet simple way to start a fire. Each bag weighs 5 pounds and contains compressed logs and wood shavings created exclusively from waste lumber mill shavings. The logs are crushed naturally, without the use of binders like wax. This makes them a more environmentally friendly option than other fire-starting materials that may include dangerous chemicals. Yes, but far less than real firewood. The higher the moisture content of your wood, the more smoke and creosote your fire produces. Fire logs have low moisture content. It is recommended to burn dry, seasoned wood to reduce the amount of creosote produced and decrease the likelihood of chimney fires. Smoke leaves behind a tar-like residue called "creosote," which is a fire hazard. Specialty logs, like the Creosote Sweeping Log, contain substances that, when burned, cause a chemical reaction that can break up the creosote so it can be removed. But you should read the instructions carefully before lighting the log. If you don’t follow the directions, you could inadvertently create conditions that could send the smoke created by the log into your house instead of out your chimney. “I wouldn’t want to breathe it,” said Russ Dimmitt, director of education at the Chimney Safety Institute of America. The easiest fire logs to find are often likened to candles and are typically made of log-shaped forms of wax and materials such as sawdust or cardboard. They are wrapped in paper that functions as a firestarter. The two most common types of artificial fire logs are those made with wax and recycled materials; and compressed wood. A log that includes a paper wrapper that functions as a firestarter likely will be easy to ignite.In this rhetorical journey you can think of fire logs as jazzed up firewood for your log fire. The ‘jazziness; comes from the production process itself. You see fire logs are made using a high-pressure compression process. Basically we place a 100% natural mix of sawdust, wax and wood waste into moulds. Then the mixture is compressed to create a log. The compression process eliminates pretty much all the moisture – leaving a super low 6-8% internal moisture level. Each log has the same shape and density meaning a more consistent burn. This gives you greater control. And again, you don’t have to have a Nobel Prize to realize that super low moisture gives you a super clean, efficient and hotter burn too! The sustainability implications are vast. To put it differently, fire logs are the conservationist’s dream as they are made from by-products of managed forests and recycled wood. These logs can also be considered to be carbon neutral fire logs – as during combustion the carbon released is equal to the carbon absorbed to produce the materials of the log itself. A fire shouldn’t be left unattended, so before you buy a log, think about how long you want it to last. Typically, logs have estimated burn times from one to four hours.Take Goodwood Easy-Light Firebag plus Extra Logs, for example. Each all-natural jute bag burns for a little over an hour. Even with dry wood, it can be difficult to make a traditional campfire when the ground is very wet or covered in snow. The Swedish Fire Log method keeps the fire up off the ground to start, preventing vaporized water moisture from putting it out. Self feeding and self ventilating The Duraflame Outdoor Firelog is our top recommendation, because it uses bio-based wax instead of petroleum-based wax. The logs are widely available, can be used indoors and outdoors, and are suitable roasting food. If you are looking for a reliable burn outdoors, we recommend the TimberTote Firwood Log. What to Look For in a Fire Log Type

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Booking not available. You have already booked the maximum number of allocated sessions for your booking. Do not cut all the way through. Leave a few inches at the bottom, so the log remains a single unit so it is easier to transport and will maintain its structure while burning.

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The manufacturer notes that even though the log burns in a few hours, creosote ash can continue to fall for more than a week. But you can still use your fireplace as usual. Each log once lit, burns about 2 hours, sometimes a bit longer if the weather is not windy. With wind each log would burn between 50 minutes to 90 minutes. If it has recently rained or there’s still snow on the ground, it will be important to start your fire above the wet ground. A Swedish Fire Log can help you get your fire started and generate enough heat to dry out the surrounding area around your fire. Limited Wood Supplies Why are we so connected to the flame? The answer is multifaceted and complex. To simplify: fire has always been there – a necessary companion moving in sync with our evolution on the planet. We worshipped it. We needed it. We yearned for it. We depended on it. The whole fire making ritual also has significance. We love the smells, sights and sounds. The familiar smoky aroma triggers emotive responses within our brains. The infinite movement of dancing flame is irreplaceably hypnotic Essentially a fire exudes comfort.

fire logs inside out. With this guide you will too. We know fire logs inside out. With this guide you will too.

Our Instant Light Firelogs are produced from recycled sawdust and wax, meaning they're environmentally friendly and suitable for use in smoke control areas. Big K is committed to producing sustainable products. Find our full policy here. Related productsThere are a couple of different methods of making a Swedish Fire Log depending on the tools you have available. Here are your options: Axe a whole log We are buying these logs for years for our camping and they are fantastic. We always cut them with an axe into 3 pieces and place them in our outdoor dragon burner. We don’t light the logs directly, but we use 2 natural eco wood firelighters inside the centre of the dragon burner and light the logs (split into 3) this way. Because you literarily can’t extinguish the eco firelighters once lit, they heat up the cut up logs and within 1 minute or so they start to burn. By carefully arranging the wood from a single log, the Swedish Fire Log produces a directional flame that burns from the inside out. Flat surface for cooking Something wrong with this post? Thanks for letting us know. If you can point us in the right direction...

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